How To Wow At High School Reunion


One woman hired a stripper fill-in, and got the whole charade on tape. Watch it here!

When it came time for her 10-year high school reunion she was not feeling the urge to revisit the past. So instead of RSVPing for herself, comedy writer Andrea Wachner hired a stripper to attend the reunion in her name, reports Bob Tourtellotte for Reuters.

Ten years is a long time. Long enough to pack on a few pounds, have a few gray hairs peek through and with this rocky economy have even gained impressive jobs only to subsequently lose them. Sending someone to the dreaded high-school reunion in her place to handle all the hardball questions seemed a brilliant scheme.

The 31-year-old from Los Angeles told Reuters that her motives were not sinister in nature, but more to flip the pre-formed image former classmates had of her from the high-school days when she loved everything theater and was thus labeled a theater geek. The stripper, known as "Cricket," showed up in a slinky dress and fishnet stockings. In the middle of the event, "Cricket" began to disrobe.

There were two things that Wachner's classmates did not know. First, that the woman taking off her clothes was not their classmate of yesteryear; and second, that Wachner was filming the whole charade and making a documentary. You can watch a trailer of the covert reunion footage here.