How Much Sex Is Normal?

how much sex is normal
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The former editor of The Erotic Review has surprising advice for the sex-starved.

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship (bonus points if you tied the knot, popped out a few, etc.), logically understands sex tends to slow with the passing years. It’s the hellish reality of deep romantic involvements. You enter as steaming, virile sex pots and slowly grow into your parents. Saucy!

While the best case scenario would involve both parties accepting less lustful romps and sleepily turning off the light each night, often times the more realistic is a happily snoring person on the right and seething, frustrated person on the left.

Rowan Pelling, former editor of The Erotic Review, answered this question in her latest sex advice column for the Daily Mail. A happily married woman with two small children wrote to Pelling complaining she only wants sex once or twice a month. Meanwhile, her husband wishes she’d be “normal” and put out a few times a week. Get More Tips For Revitalizing A Sexless Marriage

While Cosmo or something would suggest the woman buy lacy panties and sweet-smelling candles, Pelling instead focuses on the word “normal” and how “normal” simply doesn’t exist when it comes to sex and relationships.

“All long-term relationships have their own unique and mysterious dynamic,” she writes. “Both in the bedroom and out of it…I hate sex surveys because they’re always telling you that the ‘average’ person makes love ‘x’ times a week, without mentioning the way figures are distorted by new lovers at it like knives and long-established couples who may prefer a Hobnob in front of Coronation Street.”