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Comment of the Day for 04/27

Love, Heartbreak

In response to "I Was A Lonely Newlywed" user jnj1106 gives us this nugget of advice:

I know it's hard to feel alone, but I believe that the point of
marriage is to better enrich eachothers lives, and support eachother's
ambitions and goals...which may in turn lead to some lonely nights
while they are attaining them. I am married to an active duty Marine,
so I completely understand what it feels like to literally be alone in
a random state for months on end without seeing my husband, and
sometimes without speaking to him due to his job. We have been together
for 10 years, and married for over five. If you believe in "until death
do us part", then you will have plenty more wonderful years ahead of
you, and just have to deal with the grueling first few that you may
endure. It will make you a stronger unit, and in turn they will feel
appreciated, respected, and they will most likely be supportive for you
if you are ever going through a time where you can't give them 110% of
your focus and affection.

So true! In fact, it's so true that I don't need to write anything else. Just mull on that one, kids.


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