Salma Hayek’s Awesome, Classy Venice Wedding


Actress and billionaire tie the knot again in front of famous pals.

Sharply contrasting with the weekend's grotesquely tacky Speidi nuptials (seriously: SKYWRITING?), Salma Hayek and French billionaire François-Henri Pinault exchanged vows at Venice's Teatro La Fenice opera house on Saturday. This was their second time getting hitched; they first wed in a small Valentine's Day ceremony in Paris.

The festivities included a masked ball–themed rehearsal on Friday night (question: Is it a rehearsal if it requires guests to have already learned the choreography? Discuss), guests arriving at the wedding by gondola, and a farewell brunch on Sunday. The famous folks celebrating the blessed event included Hayek's bestie, Penélope Cruz, and her camera-shy manfriend, fellow Oscar winner Javier Bardem; Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend; Frida costars Edward Norton and Ashley Judd; best wedding singer ever Bono; and Anna Wintour, who after all has a July issue to fill up with photos of the bride in Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquière.

Proving that you can invite all the fancy people you want and your reception will still resemble a karaoke bar, People reports that Salma and François-Henri's famous guests took turns at the microphone, with the bride, Charlize, Woody Harrelson, Damien Rice, and Bono all singing "Stand By Me." Charlize and Stella McCartney later sang "Don’t Cry For Me Argentina," from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita, which just seems like a super weird song for a wedding. (Unless Antonio Banderas was in attendance, but we don't think he was.) Hayek also sang the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," which we are assuming was a joke and not a complaint.

The last time the couple got married Salma skipped the honeymoon to return to New York and shoot scenes for 30 Rock. We can only hope this time the couple takes some time for themselves, because all the masquerades and celebrity singalongs can get so very exhausting. May we suggest Tahiti? Or wherever Spencer and Heidi aren't?

Via Popsugar. Photo courtesy of Splash News.