Who In The World Has Matt Lauer Slept With?


His wife has a list and wants to take away his passport.

Watch out Matt Lauer! Your wife knows what you've been up to and she's not happy.

According to CelebSlam, Annette Lauer has a list of everyone the Today show host has slept with during their 11-year marriage, which she created back in 2006, when she first asked for a divorce. The list is still private, but CelebSlam says that Annette has threatened to make it public if Lauer steps out on her again.

In 2006 allegations of Matt's infidelity swirled around the net, after Annette served him with divorce papers while pregnant with their third child. The pair briefly separated, but reconciled a month after Annette initiated the divorce.

It's unclear whether these rumors are true, but we hope they're not. We don't need one more high-profile cheater.