Spencer Says I'm Sorry For Sex Tape Rumors

spencer pratt sex tape rumor

As sick as we are of Spencer, we so enjoyed watching him squirm.

Perfectly timed to coordinate with his upcoming wedding and assorted staged sightings, Spencer Pratt is finally apologizing for spreading a rumor that his Hills costar, Lauren Conrad, and her ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, made a sex tape.

"We actually have it on tape," Lauren said at a recent MTV celebration. "He takes responsibility and apologizes for it." The New York Post also reported that Spencer and Heidi, Lauren's ex-best friend and Spencer's soon-to-be wife, were missing from the festivities on account of their nuptial to-do list.

The sex tape rumor, which started in between seasons two and three, has remained the central source of the show's tension and quite frankly the reason we kept watching. Were it not for the rumor, Lauren and Heidi would have remained pals and we'd all be at a loss for L.A. drama and night club one-liners.