Kristin Chenoweth And Aaron Sorkin Like Dr. Seuss


Couple is the “Green Eggs and Ham of breakers-up.”

Adorable Pushing Daisies and Wicked actress Kristin Chenoweth talks about her on-and-off (currently off) paramour, The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, in her new book, A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages. "I will always love him. He's a very special person," Chenoweth says.

Their latest breakup (they regularly split "in a box. With a fox. On a train. In the rain. Down at Mel's. On our cells. Over a martini. In a Lamborghini," Chenoweth writes, rhymefully. Have they ever tried doing it on Facebook?) must have been amicable, because Sorkin contributed a short section about their first meeting for the book, and it's the kind of writing you’d die to have put down in print about you.

"I have no idea if we'll be together or not on the day this book is published," Sorkin writes. "But for certain I know I'll always love her. I'll always miss her if she's not there, and I'll always be trying to show off for her. Is it too late for me to take up ski jumping?"

Swoon. Chenoweth's book discusses Sorkin's one-season wonder Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and the character he based on her, played by Sarah Paulson, who, like Chenoweth, went on Pat Robertson's The 700 Club to promote an album of spiritual music and thereby pissed off her liberal boyfriend. "Once when Aaron and I were bantering back and forth, he made some unanswerable point, and I said, 'Honey, I'm so tired of debating. Either accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, make me laugh, or get the f*ck out.'"

The line ended up in Studio 60 in modified form, by which time Sorkin and Chenoweth had broken up again. For our part, we hope these two give it another try and take their show to Broadway. We would pay to see that.

Via The Daily Beast. Photo courtesy of Splash News.