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Every part of our lives impacts the environment, and love is no exception.

Earth Day is April 22 but a healthy planet requires maintenance every day—kind of like your relationship. Every part of our lives impacts the environment, and love is no exception. Check out our green articles below.

Is your love life eco-friendly?

The Eco-Friendly Case For Marriage
Stay together... for the sake of the environment?

How Green Is Your Long-Distance Relationship?

Traveling for your long-distance relationship may be trashing the environment.

Save The Planet: Have More Sex
Sex is good for the environment—that's a green cause we can all support.

Green Porno Now?
The Sundance Channel has a somewhat misleading new porn show.

Weddings Gone Green
Engaged couples are ready to say "I do...want to save the environment".

Go Green (In Bed)
Eco-friendly tips for your next erotic encounter.

Green Sex Toys
Make sure your sex toys are safe—for you and the planet.

Garbage Paid For Their Honeymoon (video)
The LoveFeed discusses the unusual way one couple paid for their honeymoon.

Bleeding-Heart Gift Ideas
Socially conscious and eco-friendly goods for the "do-good" gift-giver.

Fewer Kids Not Good For The Environment?
A Fox News writer thinks both family planning and global warming are nutty



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