Comment of the day for 04/22

Comment of the day for 04/22

Comments of the day aren't always sunshine and happy endings. Sometimes, they're tough criticism, because in any democracy it's a part of life. While I don't totally agree with this commenter, I think she speaks for a lot of people on the site who had a negative reaction to reading "Diary of a 23-year-old Mistress". Here is what user orangeskylove had to say.

The fact that you have no feelings for the woman whose life you are
crippling is devastating, don't you think that if she had no desire to
be with her husband she would have asked for a divorce? She must have
some kind of attachment to him, which you have just blatantly
overlooked so you could enjoy your cheap thrills without remorse. It's
repulsive that you have no guilt.

Whoookay. While I don't think it's helpful to have conversations devolve into name-calling. I do think that it is important that we hear both sides of every issue, whether positive or negative. I too struggled while reading this article and while I have a hard time reconciling what the author is doing, I do wonder why we're so quick to judge the woman and not the man. What do you think?