Men Fooled By Cancer Con Artist


How a score of men in Brooklyn were had.

She had a tattoo that read "I Love Beards." Men were immediately drawn to her saucy way of talking. But beneath her sprite, pixie-haricut exterior was a twentysomething woman with a criminal mind who was listed as one of America's Most-Wanted, reports Doree Shafrir for the New York Observer.

This woman, working in Brooklyn, has been conning men by telling them, among other lies, that she is terminally ill with cancer. When a colleague of hers Googled her (the impulse to do so triggered by her bizarre, overly-forward behavior), he discovered that the woman who was making flirtations advances was a crook. She turned up in the search results as a name on the Most-Wanted List for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Men soon started cropping up all over Brooklyn telling similar "been-conned" stories. They'd had been taken in by her flirting and her stories. They had felt bad when her ATM card repeatedly would not work. They felt worse about her cancer prognosis. Read the full story here.

Note to readers (women and men): While we love to encourage you all to get out there and date, to find yourself a companion who makes you happy, we just want to offer a reminder to exercise caution when dating someone new. You might even do a quick Google search on prospective dates to see what pops up. There's no shortage of crazies out there. Read this article, you'll see one example of what we mean.