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HelllllOOO, My Name Is Fabulous!

HelllllOOO, My Name is Fabulous!

So, for about a year I have written a blog which was a more of a private diary but as I am slowly starting to develop my love for letting people know who I am, how I feel, where I'm from and where I'm going (I'm a victim of this in-the-know/see-and-be-seen generation).  But on a more serious level, I have decided to channel all of my delicious energy into this blog and eventually [fingers crossed] a New York Times bestseller. 

Some will embrace what I have to say and have their own “ah-ha” moments, as my girl Oprah would say.  But it’s more like a “ahahahaha, I’ve done the same crazy ass shit.” I know it’s all lady like to stick our noses up in the air and not to kiss and tell.  We’re supposed to pretend like Isi Miyaki sprays out of our ass and that what I’m talking about doesn’t happen to the women the good men choose as their trophy wives.  But you know if you search down deep (and I’m sure for some of you ladies it’s about a 2 in shallow kiddie pool which you call your soul)  inside: I am SO FUCKING RIGHT!  Others will tell me to quit whining and stereotyping women and setting them back to the stone age but ya know what???  This is the United States of Shut-the-Eff-Up-I’m-The-One-Who’s-Writing-This- of America (or U.S. of FU. A. as I like to call it in the generation-OMG I’m growing up in.) 

I have to apologize in advance to anyone who might seemingly recognize anything contained in this but if you acted right, I'd have less to write about ;)