Dating & Sex As A Belgian Woman

Dating & Sex As A Belgian Woman

I grew up, studied, and lived in Belgium for over 20yrs, and heres a look at how dating and sex goes in that country.
*Girls normally dont start dating untill age 18+ their parents are very protective.
*Marriage can only happen at age 21, the parents consent is required, and in some cases can be hold up till age 25!
*Most Belgian women dont drive!
*U dont get a drivers liscense till age 18, but can enter a regular bar and buy alcohol at any age.
*most Belgian women marry after age 24+
*Belgian men&women are not likely to live together before marriage
*Porn is widely available, but people are so used to it, its like eating french fries!
*Belgian waffles, are actually called "BRUSSELS WAFFLES!"
*The divorce rate is very low in Belgium
*The rate of unmarried parents is very low, as of most partners stay married.
*Sex is very liberal and talked about openly, with a large variety to choose from, and sex is shown on tv even in the afternoon!

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