Justin And Jessica Not On The Rocks, She Says


Timberlake still totally into his lady friend, not Kate Hudson.

Despite rumors that Justin Timberlake was "was very much acting like a single guy" at Kate Hudson's 30th birthday party last weekend, his girlfriend, Jessica Biel, says she and Justin are still totally together, according to friends who talked to Us Weekly.

"They have not split," one friend tells the magazine, citing the apartment the couple recently bought in New York City as proof. But while real estate might seal the deal for normal people, with celebrities a multimillion-dollar penthouse can sometimes be a getting-to-know-you trinket, or just smart investing. For real relationship longevity, we like to see something permanent and misguided, like tattoos.

Reports surfaced last week (in the National Enquirer, though, so take that with a Rock of Gibraltar–size grain of salt) that Jessica's father has been pressuring Justin to pop the question, which kind of ranks up there on the Jennifer Aniston scale of I-wanna-get-married-OMG insanity, so we don't quite buy it. We do buy, however, that she might be feeling a little insecure since her latest film, Powder Blue, is going straight to DVD and stills from her nude scene have leaked online. That's gotta ruin your week.

Justin's career, on the other hand, has never been hotter. He recently announced a new MTV series, The Phone, and will host Saturday Night Live for the third time on May 9. He and Jessica recently cameoed on a March episode of the show. But between buying apartments with Jessica and organizing the dancing at Kate's shindig ("Sometimes, everybody needs a little Electric Slide," he told USA Today), it seems Justin hasn't found time to get back in the studio and record a new solo album. Back to work, song and dance man!

Via Us Weekly and Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.