3 Untraditional Ways To Get In The Mood

Couple watching tv
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Sex advice abounds. Here are three unorthodox suggestions for spicing up your sex life.

Each week there seems to be new reason for sexperts, psychologists, and those of that ilk to dole out ways for couples to enhance their sex life. It could be how to have sex after a baby, after your babies are grown, after your babies have babies or after you've decided you don't want—or even particularly like—babies.

Lately we've heard so much advice on how to spice things up that it's starting to seem like a blur. So, we came up with three original, even off-the-wall, suggestions for getting you and your man in the mood.

1. Fake A Foreign Accent. Find out which accent pleases your partner and learn how to imitate it. Next time the two of you are in bed, try speaking in the accent that turns him on. Zat iz very sexy, non?

2. Watch Prime-Time Porn. With the recession in full swing, going out to dinner or the movies can get expensive. If you're forced to stay at home, TV is the cheapest form of entertainment. It can also be the hottest. From Lost to The Tudors or even American Idol, on-screen hotties and romantic plotlines abound.

3. Get Tipsy. Hey, we said untraditional ideas, right? Set aside a night to stay home and drink enough to find each other attractive again. Maybe a drunken hook-up's all you need to whet your whistle for making whoopie, and you'll be able to leave out the alcohol the next time around.

Have an out-of-the-box suggestion? Share it with us in the comments below.