Comment of the Day for 04/21

Comment of the Day for 04/21

In the article "Sex and the Curvy Girl" the author talks about how overweight (whatever that word means) women manage stereotypes. User al5258, writes to tell us her experience:

I have lived in Austin, College Station, and currently in Houston and I
am fat. I have never been asked on a date, most of my friends who are
also overweight have also experienced difficulties dating. My thin and
averaged sized (I'm going to call that 6-12) have not had too many
problems getting dates. Granted, its sometimes a "odds are good, but
the goods are odd" situation, but whatever they're still ahead of us
heavier girls in the dating game. Also, I've lived in other states and
the clothes are the same size everywhere. When I go shopping I'm often
hard pressed to find clothes over a size 10 unless I go to a specialty
store like Lane Bryant. Not to say that there aren't any overweight
women dating here, because there are, I see them. But I think they are
not the norm.

I think there is more here than just skinny v. fat. My older sister has been technically "overweight" most of her life, but she's been on more dates than I ever have. I barely tipped the scales at 100 until college (ugh, the college fat!) and since then I've been a consistent size 4/6 and I've only dated THREE GUYS in my WHOLE LIFE. Now that I admitted that, no one is going to take me seriously, but it's true. It's probably because I have what my brother calls the "screw off vibe", but I think there is more here than just what size you wear. I think its about confidence too. What do you all think?