Ellen Pompeo Is Pregnant

ellen pompeo chris ivery
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Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery expecting first child.

Here's a bit of cheer for baby bump watchers. People magazine has confirmed that Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and her music producer husband Chris Ivery are pregnant with their first child. People quotes Pompeo's rep as saying, ''It's great news,'' and that ''they're ecstatic.''

Pompeo and Ivery were married in 2007 in an unusually small and private wedding at NewYork's city hall. Mayor Bloomberg presided. He and Deputy Mayor Patti Harris were the only witnesses; not even the couple's family or friends attended.

Pompeo had made no secret of the fact that she did not want a big fancy wedding, at the time provoking collective smirk's to the tune of, "Where have we heard that before?" But in a refreshing departure from the usual Hollywood modus operandi of saying-it-but-not-meaning-it, she actually managed to debunk the cynics by following through on that. Since then she's made no bones about having babies on her mind. In an interview for Allure magazine, while referring to her life with Ivery she said, ''We enjoy our life so much'' and that, ''When I have the baby, I won't feel like we've missed any fun, reckless times together, like staying up all night drinking champagne and having sex until five in the morning. But I've got to get on it, because the clock is ticking.''

Well, looks like they got on it. How this will fit into the Grey's Anatomy storyline remains to be seen but as a perk for us folks, we'll be pleased to see a plumper Pompeo on the show, at least for the next nine months!