Comment of the Day for 04/20

Comment of the Day for 04/20

In response to the article "2 Ways Recessions Can Strengthen Your Relationship", user auranissa tells us how the recession is bringing her boyfriend down.

Finances are effecting my relationship because my boyfriend does not
feel "man enough" due to the fact that he just turned 30 and does not
feel he is where he wants to be by now. The recession is no help at all
since it has effected his finances. He has even expressed to me that he
does not feel he is in the best position to be in a relationship right
now due to financial struggles. I have loaned him money when he needed
it but he feels like he is not a good man if he has to ask his
girlfriend to help him with money. He is a wonderful man, I just wish I
knew what I can say or do to assure him we can work through the
financial struggle.

It's frustrating to see the people you love struggling. But every hardship is an opportunity to really show them how much you care. Having patience and acceptance can go a long way to showing him that having a girfriend is exactly what he needs right now. Good luck!