Love Bytes: A Second Plan Of Attack

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Jenn's dating again, don't diss your girlfriends and online dating woes.

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links.

How Jennifer Aniston took Rachel Greenwald's advice and snagged a second date. [LimeLife]

When texting trumps your girl time. [Divine Caroline]

At first, it was surreptitious. Someone would drop out of the conversation and look down in her lap as though she'd just lost an earring or suddenly felt an urge to examine her nails. Inevitably, though, her face would begin to glow an eerie blue, reflected off of the iPhone she held in her lap.

Cautionary tales from a failed online dater. [First Wives World]

Helpful hints: do not take a self portrait from a cell phone in the bathroom mirror with a stack of dirty laundry reflecting in the background. Refrain from wearing large sunglasses that totally obscure your face, or worse, gag glasses.