Duchovny And Leoni Reunite, Get Ink


Seriously, everyone and their mom is hooking up with their exes this week.

Adorable Purina pitchman David Duchovny and his estranged wife, Téa Leoni, have decided to give their 11-year marriage another chance, Star Pulse reports. To commemorate their reunion, they've gotten matching ring-finger tattoos (which aren't always a good idea, y'all) in lieu of new wedding rings, since Duchovny hates wearing a metal ring.

"I hate wearing the metal because I bang it everywhere and hurt myself," he said. "We made a compromise and I said, 'If I get a tattoo, can I take the ring off?' She liked it and went out and got one for herself."

Duchovny and Leoni split in October when news broke he was being treated for sex addiction. Later reports alleged that Leoni had a fling with Billy Bob Thornton, but that can't be true, because we know his notorious orangeness rubs off and she'd look like an Oompa Loompa if they'd done the banging.

We are happy to hear the couple has gotten back together, since they have two kids, and frankly, celebrities need to be where we can keep an eye on them: at home in Malibu, driving the car pool or whatever. Besides, when actors remarry, insane things happen, as Carrie Fisher detailed in her book, Wishful Drinking.

"Recently, my daughter, Billie, who is sixteen now, had a flirtation with Mike Todd and Elizabeth [Taylor]'s grandson Rhys," Fisher writes. (Fisher, for those of you who aren't fanatical devotees of Hollywood scandal from the '50s, is the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Her father left Debbie for Elizabeth Taylor.) "When they first met, they were trying to work out … if they were related in some way."

Fisher goes on to present a detailed flow chart to her daughter and Rhys and concludes: "So, Rhys Tivey and Billie Lourd—are they related? I told them: 'You're related by scandal.'"

And that is why celebrities should patch things up. Because when you move on to new partners, it makes it super confusing for your grandchildren to know whom they can have sex with. So well done, David and Téa. We wish you many happy years.

Via Star Pulse. Photo courtesy of Splash News.