Chimpanzees Swap Food For Sex


Male chimpanzees feed their ladies in hopes of getting sex. Sound familiar?

Everyone knows what a pivotal role food plays in human sex-getting. A dinner date (for some) is practically foreplay, and no self-respecting girl is going to give it up (and feel good about it the next day) unless her pursuer has it together enough to pick up the check. At least the first time.

Well, it would appear chimpanzees aren't too different. A recent study from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany discovered that male chimps who share their meat with the ladies are twice as likely to mate with them. Researchers studied a group of chimpanzees in the Tai Forest reserve in Ivory Coast and recorded hunting and mating patterns. They discovered sharing food not only helps the males get laid, but helps the women beef up and become more fertile. Meat, the scientists explain, is an important element in their diet because it's high in protien, and lady chimps don't hunt so can't get it on their own.

Which, is unlike us. We're fully capable of buying our own dinner, but like us, the ladies don't always put out immediately following the meat-sharing.

As Dr. Cristina Gomes of the research team explains, other schools have tried to prove meat-sharing equals sex but weren't able to as they expected the mating to follow immediately after eating.

As it turns out, males share their meat even if the lady isn't physiologically capable of mating at that moment. Rather the men are just planting seeds of future sex, and as the study noted, would often eventually (which is a matter of days in the animal kingdom) get what they were after.

All of these finidings has Gomes excited about studying humans and proving good hunting skills (ie. material abundance) means increased "reproductive sucess" across the board.

To which we say, DUH.  How else do we explain Donald Trump's tremendous "game" or the fact a little scrap of a man like Verne Troyer has a sex tape?