Susan Boyle To Get Her First Kiss?

susan boyle kiss
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Susan Boyle's romantic prospects are looking up. 'Britain's Got Talent' singer to get first kiss?

As if Susan Boyle's week could get any better, the 47-year-old Scottish Britain's Got Talent sensation whose stunning performance has generated 13 million worldwide YouTube hits in less than a week may soon experience another dream come true: her first kiss.

The smooch may come from heartthrob BGT judge Piers Morgan, no less. Yesterday Morgan made a charming appearance on The Billy Bush Show  saying that he intended to be the first man to kiss Boyle after she revealed her crush on him to British newspapers last weekend. "She had decided she wanted the first person to kiss her to be me, which I was extremely flattered by," especially, he said, because Boyle had chosen him over co-star Simon Cowell.

Morgan didn't disclose the planned date of the event, but reported he was organizing a date in London at "a very romantic restaurant. It's going to be one of the biggest moments in show business history."

In the famous clip, Boyle revealed that she lived with her cat Pebbles and wasn't married, nor had she ever kissed anyone.  "Shame," she giggled nervously, "but it's not a nightmare." Morgan may have to play sloppy seconds to the Queen, for whom Boyle will perform at the Royal Variety Show next December if she wins the final round of the Britain's Got Talent.