Friends, Money and Sex. Oh My!

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Just in case you missed it, this week's best here at YourTango.

Facebook to finances; housewives to one-night stands, if you weren't on top of YourTango this week, you missed out.

Video: Facebook Manners and You

In what one viewer calls, "the best video describing Facebook since EVER," see what happens when Timmy's and Alice's bad facebook habits clash.

Feature: Love, Money & Commitment: The Life Of An Un-Wife

Nationally known journalist, author and activist Judith Levine takes readers inside her relationship, and how she and her longtime beau deal with finances.

Celeb Love: A-Rod Meets Real Housewife of NYC

A-Rod and a Housewife? Say it ain't so!

Tomfoolery: How to Become a Kept Woman

Tom tells us why a website offering connections to sugar daddies makes sense from a guy's point of view.

Love Buzz: Top 5 Reasons to Date Your One-Night Stand

Among them: No awkward conversations about when you'll finally go all the way.

Community Blog post: Puzzled

YourTango user seeks advice on why her fiance seems in no rush to tie the knot.

Ask YourTango user question: He falls asleep when I'm trying to arouse him. Is this normal?

Elizabeth41 wonders if her boyfriend is actually tired or if he's no longer attracted her.