Is Angelina Pregnant Again?

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Is baby number seven on its way?

Star magazine's latest cover claims to have the skinny on Angelina Jolie's much anticipated next pregnancy. If you choose to take Star magazine's word for it (hopefully with a big pinch of salt), Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt are expecting baby number #7, with a "source" claiming, "Angie is two and a half months along." 

News of yet another baby comes on the heels of persistent rumors pointing to trouble in Brangelina land. The couple have been relentlessly dogged by increasingly outlandish reports—Brad's allegedly boozy ways (courtesy of a picture in which he, quite frankly, looked endearingly tipsy rather than totally wasted), his neck-rubbing tryst with their nanny, Jolie's jealousy over Natalie Portman who Pitt has repeatedly called "cute as a button" banning him from their bedroom and what have you. Adding to that were the conflicting reports of their plans to adopt a new baby from either Ethiopia, Myanmar, India or was it the Philippines?

But now, Brangelina fans and those who choose to believe she's actually pregnant can rest easy. Star also reported another "source" saying, "It happened just in time, because things were getting pretty ugly between them." Yes, because apparently babies are just the quick-fix that relationships in trouble need! Especially when you already have six at home and the twins, Knox and Vivienne, are not yet a year old. On the other hand, maybe Brad is getting closer and closer to achieving his goal of having a soccer team of kids. We’ll just have to wait and watch.