Is it Splitsville for Paris and Doug?

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Heiress is rumored to still be in contact with her ex.

The Superficial tells us that Paris Hilton has been chatting up her former beau, Stavros Niarchros, almost daily, despite claiming to be head over heels for her current baseball player boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt

According to the Daily Mail:

"Paris and Stavros are still good friends and speak on the phone quite a bit," says a mole. "Doug knows they are close, but not how often they speak. He recently bought Paris an engagement ring and she seems intent on marrying him."

Strange behavior for a girl who recently proclaimed in early April that, "He’s gonna be my husband!" in reference to Doug, according to E! Online. Then again, who says men and women can’t be just friends?

But Paris is known to have a thing for Greek shipping heirs. She was previously engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. 

Before that, Paris was set to marry Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. She was also engaged to Jason Shaw, a fashion model. And let’s not forget her stint with Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. Needless to say, none of these engagements panned out. Heartbreaker anyone?

Despite everything, we’re sure it will all work out in the end. For Paris.

Maybe it's time Doug starts trying to woo back his ex, The Hills star Lauren Conrad, before he gets his heart broken.

Scoop courtesy of The Superficial. Photo courtesy of Splash News.