Comment of the Day for 04/15

Comment of the Day for 04/15

Yesterday, I discovered that I could make more money working at Hooters than teaching. I have my master's. So, when natashajohn posted this comment on the story "I Was a Celebate Stripper" yesterday, it hit home.

This society props up Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and "The Girls Next
Door" by giving them reality shows, clothing lines, etc. Then the media
puts down, Hilary Clinton and Condi Rice for not showing more skin or
having hair extensions. We live in a society that promotes women to be
sex objects, but not to enjoy sex...How is it fair that in this day and
age with all that women have worked so hard for, that we still make
more money naked than with a degree?

A-freaking-men. Although, my DH pointed out that the Hooters retirement benefits aren't so great. So, I guess that means I have to keep my pants on, for now.