Date Doomed By Bad Dancing?

couple dancing
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Yes, says one relationship expert. Here's why.

Is clumsy dancing grounds for automatic romantic elimination? Yes, according to Dr. Pam Spurr, a UK-based relationship expert. In her article for the The Times (London) she advises readers to "be aware of dancing, or the display of any other behavioral oddities, when you first meet."

According to Spurr, until you establish a level of "social standing" with a new potential partner, you don't want to go attracting negative attention to yourself for the goofy way you're behaving.

"It would take confidence of steel not to be affected by the stares of others," wrote Spurr, and many dates could write off the possibility of a future due to inability to cut a rug.

Come on.


It is hard enough to convince many men to even consider the dance floor. Now we say they must have skills in order to play?

No way.

This is just, for many of us, not so. And this is what vexes us about dating. These best-behavior formalities waste our time as we wait for a man's true self to emerge. What's more likely to drive away dates, in our humble opinions, is too much of this pretense and pretending.

We say: Rubbish.

Get out there on that dance floor, gents! Step on toes if you must (just try not to pounce on them; trips to emergency rooms are definitely turn-offs).We'll take clumsy. We'll take genuine. Sign us up for ability to laugh—most importantly at himself. We don't even mind a nudge to make us laugh about ourselves, either, and all the ridiculous (imperfect and hilarious) things we inadvertently do. 

Give them cause for stares, bad dancers. And ungainly two-steppers, do us a favor. Flash a big smile as you cast off their scowls.

Women, okay some women since we cannot speak for the entire female population, want a willingness to get out there and try. Having a good time beats battling complacency any day of the week, any hour. Show your confidence of steel, ladies. And fellas, get your dancing shoes on.