Tonight: Keep Your Eye On The Cougar


Clear your evening schedule. Tonight is the first episode of The Cougar.

In the event that you are seeking a brain-numbing break from your reality tonight, tap into The Cougar's. A short while back, YourTango let you know about this new reality show featuring a fortysomething woman looking for love with a young(er) stallion. Tonight, you can watch the not-to-be-missed premiere episode on TV Land.

You know Demi. Now, prepare to meet Stacey. She's the blonde bombshell who's star of the new show (another on the long list dreamed up by creator of The Bachelor). The single mother of four from Arizona is on a mission to shatter what she sees as a double standard and answer this question: Why do older men get to have all the fun of dating younger, without any of the criticism? (Older) girls just want to have fun, too. Thus, game on, a dating reality-TV show is born.

Stacey will have her pick of 20 young men. Each episode, they will complete a series of stunts in an attempt to attract her attention and rise to the top of the dating class as her chosen suitor.

Admittedly, we can't wait to see her options. Will she go for looks? Brains? Will she be offered a complete man-package who is both?

Will her four kids be able to weigh in on their mom's new boyfriend?

What we're wondering most, though, is this: With groovy (now classic) Simon and Garfunkle a thing of the best what ever will the soundtrack be? We'd love to hear your predictions on that front!