Comment of the Day for 04/14


Runner Up

Should your BF be friends with his ex? A lot of our users said no, and then along comes Qverb and turns all that advice on its head:

Ladies, if you can't trust your man then why are you with him? Because one of your exes cheated on you with his ex? Because you were the ex that your ex jumped back into bed with despite his being in another relationship? Don't project your fears or past experiences on your current guy.

And...the winner
In a world where everyone is trying to heat things up, Marksman wants to cool things down. Telling us that sometimes, sex isn't always that sexy.

We all watch those televisions shows that make sex out to be super-hot, passionate, rough, and sweaty, while it fails to show the intimacy of the act. If it's one thing I've learned about women, it is that all women, regardless of age, all love intimacy. Not saying that sex has to be soft with fluffy white pillows and Barry Manilow in the background, but it needs to be intimate.

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