Jay Cutler Dating Blogger Julia Allison?

julia allison

What happens when a quarterback meets a blogging sensation?

New York's favoritest famebag, Julia Allison, may be taking her brand of self-branding to the Windy City. Per Gawker (from Page Six), the noted (and esteemed) NY blogger may have been playing a little two-hand touch with new Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Gawker points out that old girl's five-hour gap between Cutler-related Tweets may be a sign that things moved from the dance floor to the end zone and P6 mentions that they left the club together.

The folks over at Gawker think that the throw and catch operation may have been in part necessitated by Julia Allison's waning Q Score and used to get her back into gossip's good graces and, say, Page Six. The thing that makes us willing to believe that is that she wasn't drinking alcohol in the bar that evening. And Jay Cutler doesn't seem like a guy who possesses "game" (yes, it takes one to know one). In fact, his hot-headedness on the football field and total mishandling of the attempts to trade him for Matt Cassell (Tom Brady's backup in New England), make us think that he may struggle a touch with the nuance and touch needed to bring a sober girl home from a big city bar (he probably did OK for himself as the quarterback at Vanderbilt in Nashville).

We wonder if he finds out who Julia Allison is, if he's going to feel used again. At least this time the people of Chicago (fans of Da Bears, anyway) aren't the ones left holding the bag.

We suppose sweet Julia Allison could do a whole heck of a lot worse for herself than a Vandy-educated NFL quarterback with a South Carolina haircut. For instance, she could date whichever interweb, super-nerd entrepreneur is hottest at the moment…

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