How We Met (It Wasn't Online)

kissing under the street lights

10 women from 10 different cities tell how they met their last boyfriends.

We here at YourTango see plenty of reasons to love online dating. There's the chance to meet new people outside your own social circles (who you never have to run into again at a friend's dinner party if you don't want to) and the sheer volume of other singles looking for exactly the same thing as you (however unique that thing may be), not to mention the incredibly high success rates (if you consider marriage a sign of success). According to one study conducted by consumer research group Which, 1 in 5 people who've used online dating sites have gone on to marry someone they met online.

That being said, we also recommend that folks looking for love not limit themselves to only one dating resource. After all, there's a whole wide world out there that isn't on the web, and lots of lucky guys and gals have managed to find someone special in it (and no, we're not just talking about our grandparents here).

"How?," you ask.

Through wrestling matches. And bathroom lines. And yes, as awful as it sounds, acting classes.

The Frisky recently asked 10 single ladies from 10 different cities who didn't meet their last boyfriends online to tell their stories. Below are a few of our favorites excerpts.

Nancy Lichtenstein, New York: I met my husband at a Halloween party. The party was crowded and I needed to visit the bathroom but worried it would take so long that he'd think I was blowing him off and leave, so I asked him to hold my gloves while I was gone. Sure enough, when I got back he said, "You were gone so long I would have left if I wasn't holding your gloves!"

Adrienne Tilden, Los Angeles: He sat next to me in my acting class. Our instructor paired us up for a scene, so we exchanged numbers to rehearse. He kept sending me flirty texts and asked me out that weekend. Our first date was a picnic dinner in Griffith Park...we kissed under the stars and were surrounded by city lights. It...felt like it was straight out of a movie.

Ann Olson, Minneapolis: I met my last date -- and soon-to-be husband -- while waiting in line for a wrestling event at the Target Center. We bumped shoulders as a security guard escorted him out of the arena for having a digital camera in his knapsack. He contacted me a month later on a message forum after recognizing my face and arranged for a happier meeting. Several months later, we had our first date in the Target Center for another wrestling event, and the night would have been perfect if I hadn't been knocked over by a cameraman. We ended the night by sipping Diet Coke at a concession stand as I tended my sore leg.