Martina Navratilova In Breakup Mess

martina navratilova

Is the tennis great being blackmailed by her ex?

Yikers. It looks like Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert have another thing in common: messy breakups. Per Wowowow, the tennis star's former lady, Toni Layton, is not going softly into that good night. She's kicking and screaming and could make things ugly for Martina Navratilova.

Layton and Navratilova dated for eight years and when it came time to split, Navratilova offered Layton $200,000 for her troubles. This was, apparently, a slap right in the kisser. Layton's lawyer says, "Layton was offered a measly, flat $200,000 for eight long years of 24/7 work and support for the enrichment and betterment of [a] multimillionaire athlete. The offer was an insult."

Evidently, Layton and Navratilova were never properly married (yep, living in sin) and the law in Florida may make it tough to recoup much. Remember when states didn't recognize gay marriage and this was a real problem for lots of couples… Interestingly, even were Layton and Navratilova a straight couple (one would have to be Tony or Martin, you'd guess), there still would be some room for inequity as Florida does not allow common law marriage (homo or hetero).

Evidently, the breakup was not an amicable one and the $200K over only stoked the flames of discord, "There are a lot of skeletons in Martina's closet. It is more like a storage facility full of them, and I know them all." Yow. We're not sure exactly what blackmail entails but we do know fightin' words and them's fightin' words. Irrespective of what we knew, we would be incredibly hesitant to challenge Martina Navratilova to anything, she's a scrapper.

We're guessing that this thing will end out-of-court and in short order, though we don't see Martina Navratilova bending very far even if Toni Layton does know where all of the bodies are buried.

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