LeAnn Rimes Talks About Marrying Young


The country star’s new book says growing up in the public eye has been tough.

When news broke last month of a fling LeAnn Rimes had with her costar, Eddie Cibrian, on the set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights, Rimes chalked it up to just another part of being a public figure, she told Us Weekly.

"I've grown up in the press my whole life," she said. "I think people are fascinated with my personal life. And I totally get it."

Rimes has a new book, What I Cannot Change, on sale April 14, and a single of the same name. She married dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002, when she was 19. Some have blamed the alleged affair on the seven-year itch, or to how young both were when they tied the knot (Sheremet was 21).

"I looked into his eyes and trusted him immediately," Rimes says in the book. "I knew he was the one for me. A year after that meeting we got married."

Other couples who've married young have had their share of problems, including Kobe and Vanessa Bryant (he was 22, she was 19), Solange Knowles and ex-husband Daniel Smith (she was 17 when they wed), and Elizabeth Taylor, whose first marriage, to Conrad Hilton Jr. (great-uncle of Paris and Nicky) began when she was 18 and ended less than a year later. The divorce rate for women who marry before age 20 is 28%, according to divorcerate.org.

But perhaps the best way to gauge the health of a marriage is through that window into the soul for our time, Twitter. Sheremet's latest post, from March 18, says simply, "I love my wife!!!" The three exclamation points are how you can tell he means it.

Via Us Weekly. Photo courtesy of Splash News.