Comment of the Day for 04/12


I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. And if none of you celebrated a holiday, then I hope you got to eat your weight in Starburst jellybeans. Yum. Can someone explain malt balls to me? They are the most disgusting waste of candy ever. Give me a chocolate covered marshmallow bunny any day.

Well, Tango-ers were hopping yesterday (and multiplying like rabbits too, welcome newbies!). There were some really great comments this weekend. But I think the one that takes the cake...or basket, was from brokenglass911, whose honest insight is both refreshing and a little disturbing for us married ladies. Here is what she said on the forums in response to the topic "Suspicious Signs That He Might Be Cheating."

I would ignore majority of the "common" signs that a man is supposedly
cheating. The man that I am seeing doesn't do any of them... He gets up
with his normal routine, never misses a beat, sneaks to my house when
his wife is at work, and then goes home and picks up right where he
left off. No staying late at work, no avoiding her, no not having sex
with her... None of that.

*Gulp*. Okay, so how do we know?