Women and Porn....NOT!


His ex girlfriend broke up because he said some 1980's Stevie Nicks video was hot. Broke up and kicked him out of her house. My neighbor recently made her husband sleep in the other room for two weeks because he said the USA Olympics women's beach volleyball team were hot in their white bikini's. They were hot! Get over it! It has nothing to do with you! As if she didn't check out the really hot cowboy at the mall and even made mention.

Look, the reality is guys checking out porn, either in magazines, on the web, or a movie feeds their fantasies. Yes, I understand some are addicted and it can cost $1,000s, This makes no since to me either. Not like there isn't full length movies and snippets 45 minutes or less for free...even some live cams. Why deny a male being male? Guys think of sex, according to the medical experts, several times a day in fact. Women think in scenerios, like in the kitchen, at the park, etc, but don't even lie to me and tell me you don't think about getting it more often than you let on. I know us women look at other men, and oh the wicked thoughts that come about in our erotically hot imaginations. We women are even more verbally descriptive and vulgar than men. What was the last hot novel you picked up and read, then showed your man no mercy and letting him believe it was all him.

Let the guys have their fantasies ladies! Let them be honest about being a guy, and get over your insecure double standard self. Watching porn or looking at a magazine is no more cheating than you getting hot over some chick flick and/or reading a hot and steamy novel. I bet you can describe in detail the hot guy in your favorite book or movie. Where as I bet they couldn't tell you very much about any character in their magazines or porn movies, except maybe how she got frakked. If they have to give up their guy stuff, then you give up your girly stuff! It is all good and normal ! Sheesh!

So, again....How is this cheating? Why does a guy have to give it up or hide it because you are the love of his life?