Women and Porn....NOT!


Yup, you feline's are going to have to explain it to me. What is the deal about once a guy gets in a relationship with a female he has to give up the porn? Like women will give up their chick flicks or for the more adventurous erotica. Never mind the hot and steamy novels. Guy stuff vs women stuff to feed the fantasies.

Don't get it. Had several friends divorce their husbands because they caught them JO to a Penthouse magazine. They were cheating....My first question was "What time did you catch them?" Both their answers were in the morning. Second question, "Do you allow morning sex?", and again both their answers were a disgusted emphatically proclaimed "Absolutely not!" Ummm, okay. Never mind a lot of guys wake up with boners and were probably being courteous to your grumpy "You've lost your mind" no morning self. Third question, tentatively asked, "Why is this cheating? It is ink on paper." Poor guy gets a hard one first thing, needs a little help, looks at a magazine, and gets in trouble. Not like she was there for him, so he is there for himself. At the doctors office they even give helpful visual aids....think about it. It is normal.

I could not believe it, their answer was "We are married they should not want to look at anyone but me; but by JO to a picture of another woman than they are thinking of her not me. That's cheating." I cracked up, and the unappreciative look they were giving me made me laugh even more. It would not be so sad if it had not happened at two totally separate times in two different states. Really, it is just ink on paper! OMG!

So just to stir the pot a little I asked, "So I guess you would get really upset if he watched a porno movie?"

Yup, they got a divorce because their guy was cheating. Hey, swear to God I did not know my husband gave them one out of our collection, but needless to say they think I did and are no longer friends.

What is up with this? Guys are guys! No not all guys are a like, but DAAAMMMMNNN! I bought my husband every dirty magazine I could find. We had a library of movies, both porno and erotica. No he never really got the point of erotica - Red Shoe Diaries, Kings Whore, Dangerous Liasons, etc, but really enjoyed the benefits. No I don't really like most of porn, but again I enjoy the benefits. We checked it all out together.

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