Samantha Ronson Sick Of Lohan Drama

Samantha Ronson

Lohan ex still cares about her but cannot handle her issues.

Looks like DJ Samantha Ronson is taking a key from Mary J. Blige’s songbook and wants no more drama in her life. Ronson recently broke off her relationship with Linsday Lohan after deciding she can't deal with the demands of dating her. A source close to the Ronson family says, "Lindsay is extremely protective and jealous and needs an enormous amount of attention, and it's stressful for the world to be watching them." We recently reported that the Ronson family sought information to obtain a restraining order against Lohan after blocking her from attending a fashion show showcasing a line by Samantha’s sister Charlotte Ronson and it appears that the family is doing everything they can to put some distance between Lohan and Ronson, including changing the locks on Ronson’s home.

How is Ronson dealing with the breakup? "[Samantha] takes it pretty good – she acts tougher than she is. She just wants the drama to end." Ronson seems pretty determined to move on gracefully, with sources saying, "Sam broke up with Lindsay, but it doesn't mean she hates her or wants to see her hurt any worse than she is. She is over Lindsay and over all the drama, but still, she refuses to trash-talk her. She just wants to walk away gracefully." Although it appears the two have quite a few friends in common so while a clean break would be preferable, it may not be possible.

Lohan has been seen spending time with family and friends and out on the town while Ronson is keeping a decidedly more low-key profile. They say time can heal all wounds but with Lohan taking to Us Magazine to air her thoughts on the breakup and her personal life, we imagine it’s hard for Ronson to get the time and space she needs to get past things. We wish them both the best of luck in their recovery and hope they move on soon.

Scoop courtesy of People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.