Joel Madden Tweets About Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

The Good Charlotte singer takes to Twitter to tease his girlfriend.

The stars are taking to Twitter to communicate all sorts of things about their love lives and Joel Madden is no different. During a recent recording session this Thursday, he sent a tweet to his followers that said, "This is why I love her folks" which included a link to a photograph on TwitPic. The photo was an unearthed photo of his pregnant girlfriend,Nicole Richie, as a little girl in the 80’s, big hair and all. Nicole took the joke in stride by replying via Twitter, "Everyone has an awkward phase. Let me have something! Can you believe my mom let me have curly bangs?" 

Joel doesn’t always tease Nicole on Twitter, though. A tweet sent from his account on Friday morning said, "So Last night I ended up playing poker till 3 a.m. Thank God for my awesome girlfriend who let me sleep in today." Aww. Love in the time of Twitter is such a magical place. 

Scoop courtesy of People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.