Oprah Winfrey Tackles The Birds And The Bees

Buzz, Sex

Dr. Laura Berman has eyebrow raising views on kids and sex eduction.

It's no secret kids today are having sex (and learning about it) at ridiculously young ages. We're sure every sixth grader out there has a high school level education in oral sex, while we were tittering and passing notes about french kisses at that age. Furthermore, there's no reason to think the sex pendulum won't continue to swing in the explicit direction. As a culture we're just getting sexier.

Rather than resist or caution against this, Oprah Winfrey's resident sex doctor, Dr. Laura Berman, encourages parents to embrace their children's sexuality and even egg it on.

A stoic-faced Berman told the rows of moms sitting in the audience yesterday, where the topic was How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex, that the ripe, old age of 13 or 14 is way too late to have the "big sex talk." Instead she guesses around 9 or 10 is appropriate. She even suggests mothers buy their teenage daughter a vibrator. To empower them, of course.

"You're teaching them about their own body and pleasuring themselves and taking the reins of their own sexuality so that they don't ever have to depend on any other teenage boy to do it for them," Dr. Berman says.

We saw that grimace you just gave the computer screen. We feel you, reader. The thought of our mothers gifting us a pocket rocket isnt anything that would've made us any more sexually balanced as a teen. In fact, we probably would've been less likely to use it, but Berman is intent that parents evolve with the times and strip away any taboo when it comes to sex. Specifically sex toys.

"I know it's controversial, but I can tell you giving them this kind of information makes them safer in the long run...I'm talking about something external for the clitoris," she says. "I'm not talking about things that go internally at all—[just] things that they can explore externally to arouse them."

Well, why not Doctor? Why not introduce your 13-year-old to award-winning toys like The Rabbit or Snake of Paradise? Seems a bit contradictory, no?

While some say having less of a stigma associated with sex will cut down on its thrill factor, we're not sure mothers and teenage daughters will ever feel comfortable enough to gab about the latest arrivals at The Pleasure Chest. But who knows. Crazier things have happened.