Slick Willy Nearly Divorced Over Actresses?

bill clinton

The National Enquirer claims to have inside info about old Clinton divorce papers.

We're usually loath to refer to anything that mentioned by the National Enquirer but they did knock that John Edwards thing into the cheap seats. But, per Celebitchy, the Natty Enquirkitor is saying that before her Senate run and subsequent presidential campaign cum Secretary of State appeasement appointment, Hillary Clinton was ready to wash her hands of the Bill Clinton experience and get divorced.

The story goes that the then Mrs. Clinton (now Secretary Clinton), had a New York lawyer draw up the papers but decided against filing them. The papers supposedly accuse the former president of having dalliances with actresses Saffron Burrows and Julie Bowen.

While the story seems plausible, given the former president's old afflictions and predilections, you'd think that lawyers dealing with something as sensitive as this would be fairly circumspect in their care of embarrassing briefs. Though you'd think that top counter-terrorism wouldn't let reporters accidentally see secret and sensitive documents (get more about Bob Quick's slow on the uptake approach to national security at the Wall Street Journal).

Celebitchy goes on to say that documents of this nature (legal and matrimonial, that is) must be held for a good seven years before they are destroyed.

The whole thing seems pretty darn far-fetched. Saffron Burrows is into chicks and hot. Julie Bowen is straight, married and hot. Sure, none of those things preclude a woman from getting seduced by Arkansasian charm and a ruddy complexion but it does pile on another layer of spuriousness to this allegation. Furthermore, have you seen the other women that Bill Clinton has frolicked with in the past? Skinny and hot… not his type.  Also, keep in mind the whole thing came from boy who cried wolf, National Enquirer. We suppose you can add this to the Gina Gershon stuff as too good to be true.

Thoughts, opinions, Clinton-era anecdotes?

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