Real Life: What Made Me Cheat

Love, Heartbreak

went home, he was there, and he didn't mention anything and neither did I. Finally, he said "I'm sorry about your Grandmother" and we talked briefly about the subject...and that was it. No hug, no "it's going to be alright," no nothing. He went to work the day of her funeral. He wasn't there when I was getting dressed and realized that I was dressing for the funeral of my Grandmother and then sat on my bathroom floor sobbing. He wasn't there. He came in just in time to shower and ride with me to the church, and before he showed up, I assumed that he wasn't coming. What kind of compassion is that?

My co-workers showed me more compassion than the man that I was engaged to.

So, we enter into 2009 with me feeling rather bummed about life and my relationship. I was in need of a serious pick-me-up. I was still working two jobs, still paying majority of the bills, and still doing most of all the household chores. I was screaming for help, but no one was listening.

My pick-me-up came unexpectedly after joking around in text messages resulted in me receiving a text that would change my life. And for this... we have to journey back to 2007 again.

About two weeks after I started my new job in April 2007, I met one of our Police Officers, and as soon as I laid eyes on him I thought, "wow" and I had just met him. He was insanely good looking and was nice to me. He and I didn't work together very often, but when I did work with him he was a very nice man and he was someone you could talk to very easily. Fast forward to December 2007, and that's when he and I began working together on a regular basis, sometimes being around one another on and off for 8-12 hours straight. And when you spend that amount of time with someone... you start getting to know him. So, over the course of probably 6-8 months he and I had really began getting to know one another, we'd sit and talk for hours (if there were no calls), and I remember telling myself  that I wish I could meet someone like him. I would tell him about what was going on in my relationship and he'd talk about his and we'd formed a genuine friendship. I still thought, this guy is amazing, there is nothing about him I'd change and I can't understand why his girlfriend treats him the way she does (I'd witnessed a lot of her behavior.) When things were rough at home, I found myself thinking about him, and there was a time or two when I'd call him out of nowhere and just talk to him about things. He constantly said he'd never get married again, and he'd never marry the woman he was with (he's 11 years older than me). Sometimes when we'd talk I would think that he was flirting with me or dropping hints, but I never in a million years actually thought he was interested in me...besides the two of us were attached. Then all of a sudden one day the two of them got married and I was utterly shocked. It was like a torpedo had just blown my dream to hell and back. And I stopped thinking about him for a while. Now, we're back up to January 2009.

He had began flirting again and I still never thought that he was actually flirting. I'm kind of hard-headed, I know. Then he'd told me one morning that his wife had gotten upset about a forwarded text I had sent him, and I didn't understand was funny but it wasn't inappropriate. I went home confused and a short while later he called me and told me that he thought he'd explain. I'm all ears... He tells me that she's jealous. I say of who? "You" was the response I got. I'm really confused now and I don't know what's going on. Then he tells me, she's jealous because I talk to you, you're nearly 20 years younger than her, and there are a few people that call you my "girlfriend" ... The hell you say? All of this was news to me. I had no idea that there were rumors going around about he and I. Sure, I'd thought about it...but I never uttered one single word to anyone about the thoughts I'd had cross my mind. Well, he and I started talking on a regular basis because we were working opposite shifts and I was going to bed when he was coming in and so I'd talk to him for a while. Before I knew it a while had turned into 3 and 4 hour conversations, and he was beginning to be the main thing I thought about, that I dreamed about, and that I desired. Still, silly ole me doesn’t think he's remotely interested...I'm just a friend. Of course, I never breathed a word of this to my boyfriend.

Finally one day, we admit to one another that we've liked each other for quite sometime...probably dating back to that first time he and I had met, but we're too hard-headed to admit that we sat around for almost two years while we both went through relationship hell on and off and ever said a word about liking one another... Except for when he picks on me about all the flirting and hint-dropping he'd done that I never paid attention to. He claims I don't take hints very well. haha.

So, we plan on getting together and just hanging out while our significant others are at work. I know...bad idea. Just to get away from work and to actually be around one another with no disruptions. Well, after three failed attempts because either he or I had something unexpected come up, I was almost ready to give up. I think he sensed that and out of nowhere one day, he kissed me, and I was hooked.

It was one of those long, passionate, hands on each other’s face and in one another's hair kind of kisses...and I hadn't been kissed like that in a long time.

He and I eventually started having mind-blowing passionate sex every chance we got and we still talk to one another almost every day. (Including the text message that I just got a few moments ago!)

Three days after we initially had sex, I broke off my engagement, and while it wasn't a nice breakup, it's been 5 weeks and I couldn't be happier. I can not believe the people who've came foward and expressed interest in me and have congratulated me on "growing a set" and finally kicking him to the curb. (Of course, they don't know the whole story.) I don't know what will happen with the man I am still involved with...I take it one day at a time.
However, I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce people to a real relationship, not some scenario, and real people and how real people can be led into the arms of someone else when they least expect it.

Never think that someone won't cheat on you...regardless. Don't assume that he or she will cheat on you, just don't ever think that they won't do it.