Kate And Owen Split, This Time For Good?

Buzz, Heartbreak

Matching dye jobs just weren’t enough to keep Hudson and Wilson together.

Despite reports that they would start a family together soon, on-and-off couple Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are off again, In Touch magazine reports. The magazine's source says the two just couldn't agree on a commitment. "Owen wants to get married and he proposed to Kate soon after they got back together," the source said. "But she's not ready."

The two met while filming You, Me & Dupree in 2005, when Hudson was still married to the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson. They did not publicly date until she officially separated from Robinson, who is the father of her five-year-old son, Ryder. Owen and Kate broke up in mid-2007, dated again in 2008, and recently reunited after Hudson had relationships with Dax Shepard and Lance Armstrong.

Wilson was treated for depression in 2007 after a reported suicide attempt; more recently, he had a box-office hit with December's Marley and Me and will appear in May's Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian alongside his friend and frequent costar (The Royal Tenenbaums, Meet the Parents, Starsky & Hutch) Ben Stiller.

We can only hope that this latest heartbreak inspires Owen to get back to screenwriting, maybe with his old buddy Wes Anderson, but in the meantime we'd like to suggest that Owen get together with a lady who's proven her commitment bona fides, like his Marley costar Jennifer Aniston. Y'all could still share a stylist! And you’re already friends! Come on. This would be legendary.

Via Showbiz Spy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.