Octo-Mom Has A New Gig

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Octuplet mom's reality TV show to begin filming.

Octo-Mom seems to have found a solution as to how she's going to support her 14 growing children. The single mom, Nadya Suleman, who recently gave birth to eight babies (and astonished America), has agreed to star in a new reality show, reports Kim Serafin for In Touch (article not available online).

Cameras will follow the woman, who has been the center of blaring tabloid headlines and harsh criticism, every hour of the day as she takes on the real-life role of mother to 14...and seeker of love, reports Bridget Daly for Hollywoodscoop.com.

Yes, that's right. As an added bonus for television viewers, Octo-Mom will not only be adjusting to mothering a larger household, she'll also be on a quest (when not changing diapers and feeding her babies) for, what  else: true love. The hosting network has not yet been named.

Ok, we know Octo-Mom gets beaten up in the news for many of her actions which are (to say the least) highly questionable. Now she's found a way to cash in on her new manufactured celebrity. But really, is she that different from others who have opted to have their families filmed 24/7 as reality television shows for the sake of America's viewing pleasure (subjecting themselves willingly to public scrutiny, and often, mockery?).

Our society has an ever growing hunger for such voyeurism and is feeding the reality-show monster one season's spoonful at a time. If no one would watch (and no one would advertise) this show would never have been conceptualized. Octo-Mom has figured out a way to support her family. We just hope this show is not akin to the Anna Nicole Smith reality show. There were times watching that (no we couldn't overcome our fascination and turn the channel) when we were embarrassed, and terribly sad, for her.