Does Sex get you The Man?


Something I get asked a lot on my blog, How to Seduce a Man is should I have sex with him on the 2nd or 3rd date.

Look it all depends, do you want sex or do you want a relationship?

If you want sex then yes go and do it right away. But if you want a relationship then please don't feel pressurised into fucking right away.

If a man is really into you he'll call you again even if you don't have sex with him. It's just in a man's nature to pursue a woman he has the hots for spiritually and physically. If he's just into sex and you don't give in he won't call you again. So what? Better you know in the beginning than later on.

Haven't you noticed that in most cases where sex is had too soon the woman is left feeling bewildered and bewitched? More often than not the encounter does not lead to a stable and happy relationship.

By the way men also have told me, they don't have the urge to fuck every woman they date. Some guys that really enjoy a woman actually want to get to know her first before they get involved sexually.

Something has gone wrong in society, women believe that all a man needs is sex and good cooking to be in love with them. What crap. Why have some gorgeous men got women that can't boil water? I bet it's not cause she gave him a good blow job on the first date, but because she captured his heart emotionally.

Now of course we live in a liberated age which is cool. If women want sex for sex it's fine. But be sure you know what you're doing and please take precautions. Protect yourself emotionally and physically.

Women too often understand sex as being love - it's not. Sex is sex and love is love. Obviously once the emotional bond has been established good sex will super glue the connection.

Soooo if in future you feel like you need to drop your panties for fear of the guy loosing interest think about what you want. Sex or relationship.

And finally there's a chemical reaction that happens when 2 people exchange bodily fluids. A bit of that chemical reaction stays with you for ever - so be sure you can deal with it.

As for myself, I consider my body my tempel of my soul. I watch what goes in their from food & beverage to cocks. I don't want to filthy myself up. Please don't misunderstand that as a sign of prudity. I'm not - I love nooky.

With that note, yeah nothing beats an earth shattering orgasm to release stress.

But hey don't expect him to love you, just because you had great sex.