Are Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Divorcing?

sarah jessica parker matthew broderick divorce

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are splitting, confirms a source.

Hollywood isn't really known for it's long-lasting couples, but there are a handful of sweethearts that continue to beat the odds.  Until recently, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker were one of those fairy-tale couples.  New Yorkers (and the paparazzi) have grown accustomed to spotting them out on the town, whether indulging in a date night dinner or heading out for family outings with their son James.  So where did all go wrong?

Rumors about a split began swirling last August after Star magazine published a story about Matthew Broderick's alleged affair with an young actress.  Celeb watchers remained dubious despite the couple's return to a normal routine.  Celeb Love even commented on their distance behavior on the red carpet at the 2009 Academy Awards, Broderick "didn’t look in her direction once during interviews. She looked somewhat nervous."

Reps for both celebs are denying the breakup/divorce/separation rumors.  We've certainly heard these reports before (see Sarah Jessica Parker: Getting A Divorce? and Sarah Jessica Parker: Divorce vs. Money), so maybe Celebrity Smack! has a not-so-reliable source.  We sure hope that's the case, but this is one of those stories that the couple just can't shake.

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