Millionaire Matchmaker For Jennifer Aniston?

jennifer aniston

Matchmaker Patti Stranger wants to hook Jennifer Aniston up.

According to Celebitchy, Patti Stranger (the star of Millionaire Matchmaker) wants to work with Jennifer Aniston. The Bravo rich guy – hot chick yenta thinks she can really help Jennifer Aniston get past "a really tough time."

Patti Stranger goes on to say that she empathetically had enmity for John Mayer and thinks that Jennifer Aniston should avoid other entertainers and maybe shoot for an executive in his 50s (maybe even one who has been divorced).

Obviously, landing Jennifer Aniston would be the coup of coups for Millionaire Matchmaker but mayhaps it would work out for Aniston too. But whole kit-and-kaboodle also has the chance to be the most humiliating event of Aniston's life. Since the Brad Pitt breakup/ divorce/ saga, rumors have swirled that the actress has been set up right, left and center with all sorts of available Hollyweird men. The idea that she would publicly require a dating coach / professional matchmaker may be too much to bear. In fact, just having someone whose vocation it is to finding comely, bonhomous gold diggers for rich ding-dongs offer to help you fix your man problems has to be a touch embarrassing for one of the richest women in entertainment. Although, if Oprah wanted to fix you up, you probably would have to just go with it.

While everyone seems to agree that Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston should avoid dating famous dudes, we think it might be a tough stretch for her. Granted, she'd probably have to date someone at the top of his field, but there's a certain amount of both flexibility and rigidity in a performer's life that makes it tough to date a civilian. Sometimes fame is the price you pay for being famous. Although it would be awesome if she dated a medical device salesman, we think she ought to have her people get in touch with Gerard Butler. Someone needs to take that hunk of man off the market.

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