Rosie O’Donnell Shows Her Jealous Side

Rosie O'Donnell
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The star is concerned about relationship between her partner and a friend.

Rosie O’Donnell, no stranger to conflict, also seems to have a bit of a jealous streak. Rumor has it that the star blew up at her longtime partner Kelly Carpenter over rumors that she exchanged a friendly kiss with a mutual friend of the couple, Broadway actress Julia Murney. In the April 13th issue of National Enquirer, a source states, "Rosie is very protective of Kelli and really freaked out when she heard about the lip lock. Rosie believed she was being betrayed, and it erupted into a nasty and bitter showdown with Kelli over her perceived cheating - even though Kelli told Rosie she and Julia were only friends and nothing more."

Evidently, rumors that something might be going on between Carpenter and Murney developed when both women were conspicuously absent from the annual R Family Vacations Cruise for gay and lesbian families, an event that neither had missed since its inception in 2004 except for 2007, when neither Carpenter nor Murney attended. Rumors began at the time that a romance had sprouted between the two and that an affair continued through 2008. Both women deny the rumors but evidently their close bond and the rumors of a friendly kiss sent O'Donnell into a jealous rage.

Murney’s publicist stated, "No way has Julia ever been involved in a romantic relationship with Kelli. While Julia is a popular performer with the gay community and has many gay friends, I want to stress…that she herself is in no way, shape or form a lesbian. If…a kiss did take place, I’m sure it was innocent and friendly. If something deeper was going on between them that they wanted to keep private from Rosie, it would have taken place in private and not out in the open. They are all just friends."

O’Donnell’s publicist denied any issues between the three parties but we’ll keep our eye on this one just in case.

Scoop courtesy of Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.