8 Made-For-Couples Stretches

couples exercise

Maybe you and your partner are effortlessly committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Or maybe you, or your partner, could use an extra dollop of motivation to get you in the mood to put on your workout gear and rev up your heart rate.

Either way, the workout duo slash columnists, the Misfits, from The Washington Post have come up with a solid fitness plan you're going to like. Why? Because a) it will save you money; and, b) you can do these stretches and exercises together. Yeh, more playtime with your man.

How it works: This workout does not require a pricey gym membership or home-edition equipment. You will be using each other's body weight to build strength. Exercising with your guy can bring the two of you closer together, without your having to belabor the words "quality time". The bonus, and this may surprise you coming from us, is that you don't have to talk while you're sweating your butts off.

You're taking a break, a reprieve from go-go-go, to have fun and get in shape. It's refreshing, especially after a long day, to do lighthearted activities with your man. Skip the talk about taxes, daycare expenses and whose turn it is to whip up dinner tonight. Instead, get physical with him for 30 minutes to an hour (and good luck trying to keep a straight face as you clap your hands together after each push up). Click on the video here to see a man and woman demonstrate eight exercises custom-made for couples. Now, go team go. Pump up the volume and do try this at home!

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