Chris Brown Pleads 'Not Guilty'

Rihanna and Chris Brown
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The R&B singer does not admit to felony assault charge.

According to the Huffington Post (the HuffPo to people who are into the whole brevity thing), Chris Brown has entered a 'not guilty' plea in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday (April 6th). The R&B singer is facing charges of felony assault and making criminal threats stemming from a February 8th domestic altercation with his girlfriend Robyn Fenty (Rihanna).

Per word on the street, the 'not guilty' plea was expected from Chris Brown and, at this point, the case largely hinges on Rihanna's decision to testify. It turns out that in the state of California, the judge has an incredible amount of latitude when it comes to sentencing. Chris Brown returns to court later this month and if found guilty (by a jury of his peers, medium-talented singers with hot Barbadian girlfriends, one would assume), he can either catch up to five years in the pokey or get probation.

As you can imagine, the whole situation has been a massive headache to everyone involved. Chris Brown, despite not being found guilty to date, has lost fans, radio airplay and sponsorships. On top of that, Oprah is mad at him. It seems like the only people who have much love for CB are teens. Per Lemondrop, teenagers are pretty 'eh' about domestic violence. Which is a big-time bummer, it would have been great if the silver lining in this clusterfark was an open and honest dialogue about why using fists, teeth and terroristic threats to settle an argument is wrong.

Ideally, even if guilty, Chris Brown won't spend five years in the slammer. Hopefully, he could take a page out of TI's playbook and do a show featuring his counseling and working with battered women. Road To Redemption 2Ike Turner Ain't A Role Model could go a long way to winning back some seriously alienated fans. Maybe even Oprah can be won over with some serious contrition.

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