Samantha Ronson's Family Seeks Restraining Order

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Lindsay Lohan continues to prove she is crazy.

Things just keep getting uglier and sadder for the crazy car wreck that is Lindsay Lohan's life.

As we reported yesterday, Lindsay's now-ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson barred Lindsay from entering a party she was DJing for her sister Charlotte at the Marmont Bar over the weekend – a party that everyone from Paris Hilton to Sting was welcomed to with open arms.

And then on Saturday (apologies for originally reporting it was Friday; we blame the Metro UK for that flub), Sam changed the locks on her Hollywood Hills home – the same home she's been sharing with Lindsay for the past six months.

And now, the latest news according to Us Magazine is that Samantha's mother and sister have asked Beverly Hills police how they can obtain a restraining order against Lindsay.

Beverly Hills Sgt. Nutall confirmed to Us on Monday: "They were directed to the court to get a restraining order."

Why such severe measures? Well, it seems there's more than just some lovers' spats and party crashing the family needs protection from.

Apparently, Lindsay followed Friday night's party snub with Twitter postings disparaging Samantha and Charlotte. The drama escalated when Lindsay tried to barge into Samantha's brother's room at the Chateau Marmont. Add to this a broken window at Sam's house during a recent fight between her and Lindsay, and you begin to understand why the law might need to be involved.

Please, Lindsay, back off. No one finds desperation attractive.  

Photo: Splash News