The Links: Bacon Lube, Coming Clean And More

bacon lube
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Men have biological clocks, sense of humor works and canceling a date via text.

We're switching Tomfoolery to a new format today: Twice a day, sonny Jim. In the mornings, links and weird stuff. In the evenings, links and weirder stuff. I kid, regular content in the evenings. On to the links:

According to Asylum, it's sense of humor that helps men seal the deal on the pickup scene (insult jokes, I assume). That's not been my experience. Aw crepes, I guess I'm not funny after all. I shouldn't have had to find out this way, thanks for nothing, dinks.

In response to a report that many dudes would rather play video games than make sweet, sweet lust, Lemondrop asks ladies what they'd rather do than have sex. Curiously, oral sex is not a listed alternative. Thanks for nothing, Bill Clinton.

Speaking of underwhelming news, Em And Lo get posed a toughie from a gal who can't climax from intercourse alone. Evidently, her boyf does not know that and thinks thing have been cream cheese for her in that department. Then Em (and Lo) give the phony orgasmista a little advice about setting the record straight with dude about her faking (and figuring out how to put the O back into Onanism).

If the billboards are any indication, the kids of Manhattan's rich upper Eastside have zero problems reaching the top of the mountain. And's Smitten blog thinks that Gossip Girl could teach us a thing or three about relationships. (Not that I watch that show… XOXO.)

Speaking of texting and all that jazz, Dear Sugar explores when it's OK to text to cancel a date. Hmm. Never would be my guess. That's not fair, if you're kidnapped and the kidnappers won't let you use the phone.

The Frisky says that men have biological clocks. We also have biological maps and biological compasses. Sadly, we do not have biological calendars. Our panel of dudes on That's What He Said, would probably agree though, that timing is for men taking things to the next level.

The crew at Divine Caroline explore which foods to avoid on a date. The answer: everything's a trap and you should probably just order bread sticks and tap water. Kidding, sparkling water is fine but pack Pepto chewables to be safe.

Speaking of food problems, the nerds at Geekologie discovered the slab that may break the hog's back: Bacon lube. Back in the day people used animal fat to grease wagon axles, which doesn't make this any more awful but it does raise a whole host of questions that only a Rabbi could answer.

Let me know if I missed any solid links this week and see you soon.